Prompt Types

OpenAI API was just a really big program trained to predict the next token and not really so much to actually do anything. What it can do is for the community to figure out. That is, there isn't a real way to make prompts; prompts are just ways that people learned to get the API to spit out results.

This section contains individual prompts for different topics listed below. It's unclear at this point what the best strategy for using prompts actually is; for instance, with a labeled dataset, context-stuffing is probably more useful for generating a prompt than using a preset. Furthermore, since prompts can generate additional prompts or types of prompts to answer sub-questions via using-the-fringe and figure out if determining-response-requested, it's likely that individual prompts won't be one of the main impacts of this technology. However, it's worth playing around with what these capabilities are.

TODO: At this time, the examples for math and counting are the only prompt examples that have metrics shown. Need to generate additional metrics for different prompts.

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Prompt Types

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