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Often you'll want an interactive prompt. Someone had asked about this in slack so I threw up this example, should have more in here at some point but I'm supposed to turn in my final copy of my thesis this week.

You can give the API some instructions and an example and it'll learn interactive tasks, such as helping teach someone correct answers. Given the following context in the prompt with an example,

Teacher gives hints each time the student gets a question wrong and the student can try again. After three tries, if the student has not gotten the right answer the teacher tells the student what the right answer should have been to the question. 

1. Teacher: Who was the second president of the United States?
1. Student: Jefferson.
2. Teacher: Close! Jefferson was third. Try again
2. Student: Lincoln
3. Teacher: Close! Lincoln was the 16th. You've only got one more guess.
3. Student: Tom Clancy
4. Teacher: Very close! The correct answer is John Adams

the API can then complete a conversation building on prior inputs and outputs (I let the API generate both Student and Teacher):

1. Teacher: Who invented electricity?[EOP]
1. Student: Edison[Cont]
2. Teacher: Close! Edison was the inventor of the light bulb.[Cont]
2. Student: Westinghouse[Cont]
3. Teacher: Close! Westinghouse was the inventor of the alternating current power distribution system.[Cont]
3. Student: Washington[Cont]
4. Teacher: Very close! The correct answer is Benjamin Franklin.
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